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How to Build Awesome Website Footer

By Frank / March 21, 2014

How to Build Awesome Website Footer
What part does footer play on website? Is it really that important or you can give it secondary preference? Building a footer is kind of “secondary preference” job for designers. The job seems easy & negligible. But wait! This is where you think like insane. Yes, we do have strong reasons behind our point of view.
Just because footers are seen by lower percentage of people than the matter on your page& footer links have lowest click through rates(CTR), you won’t bother about it? Here are some interesting inventions.

Footers and CTR

The fact about the low CTR may be true, but it doesn’t talks about whole picture of your web page. The low CTR is mainly a result of the fact that few people see the footer in the first place. So the theory about this is CTR is actually quite high for footers if we only count the people who have scrolled all the way down on the page. Make your footer somewhat huge so that it will take at least 50% area of your screen.

So this means footer always matters & here are some tips on how to build awesome website footer.

Don’t treat it as an SEO dumpster

Some people do try to increase their rankings by using keywords in the footer. But that is not just creative. And you can’t fool the king of internet – Google. It is not a big shot for Google to identify the footers & give the links low SEO rankings.

Introduce hierarchy

This is one important thing when it comes to footers. There are always elements which are more important than others, and you should reinforce this idea through alignment, scale, and placement within your footer.

website footer
Then, additional links and disclosures follow.

Try adopting the same idea. Start with what’s important and then continue with everything else.

Use white space

The white spaces in footers can really be catchy. When you have no other way to add emphasis to your footer, this is the way! The white space in backgrounds let the links pop up more.

Experiment with “about the author” blocks

If you are building a website or blog for single author then it’s a great idea to introduce the author, in unique way with “about the author” block! Now the purpose of this block is not to increase the CTR. This block adds a personal touch to your site & no matter what page is viewed at the moment, it introduces you to author & makes clear what is all about

website footer

Don’t forget about the must-have links

Some links are must haves in footer. They are:

  1. About
  2. Contact
  3. Home
  4. Blog

Over the years now, people are used to with these conventions now. Breaking this convention is not really good idea. While putting links in your footer just be in the boots of user once & ask yourself what you want to see here. And the problem is solved!

Display social media links

Displaying social links in footer is good idea to get a huge fan following. That is the easy way to get people notified of your work. Now here, you can choose one of way of following:

1. Use default buttons. They tend to be effective because of their official nature – people are very familiar with them and know exactly what to do when they see one.

2. Use some custom buttons. They may not have the same CTR, but you don’t always want to click-optimize these buttons, especially if you attempt to show more than a handful of them.

website footer

Consider using a sub-footer

Sub-footer is the part that comes after main footer area. It is generally used to display legal links such as like privacy policy, terms, earnings disclosure, copyright clause, DMCA, etc.& some other things you don’t people want to click they do regulate and disclose some of your operations.

website footer

Showcase social proof, badges and safety seals

Are you getting huge fan following? Then show it off on your footer. It really works well for the site’s overall credibility. Just when user thinks that this is the end of site, he sees the results you showed off. So he gets the social proof of your work & chances that user visits again increase.

Link to your best content

This is the best thing you can have on blogs or online publishing sites. Put the link of your best content in footer & it leads to your readership even further. The rule is that to make something popular which is already popular with readers.

website footer
So now you know what’s wrong with your footer. Fix your footer with these things buddies! And we are sure you will rock in the world of footers! Sounds sarcastic But we are on!

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Klein Media - April 9, 2014

Thank you for the article, I couldn't agree more! A footer can be very usefull :)

Sudhan Ram - April 21, 2014

thanks many more… 😀

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